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Triumph for nature and communities! Imbabura Provincial Court rules against mining project in Intag Valley, Ecuador

A fantastic result after months of hearings and delays - the Imbabura Provincial Court ruled against the large-scale copper mining project known as Llurimagua in Ecuador’s Intag Valley. The ruling determined that communities’ constitutional right to consultation about the project had been violated, as had the rights of nature. As a result, the court revoked the licenses of the mining companies, Ecuadorian-owned ENAMI EP and Chilean-owned CODELCO, for the Llurimagua mining project and called for an immediate stop to all work on the project.
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Intag Valley is a remote, mountainous region in the northwest of Ecuador, home to over 70 communities. It sits within the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot, the most biodiversity rich of all 36 global hotspots. It is predominantly tropical montane cloud forest; rare forest that occupies less than 2.5% of the total area of the world’s tropical forest. The forests and freshwater of Intag supply clean water and economic opportunities to thousands of residents. They are also home to hundreds of species threatened with extinction, including 60 critically endangered, endangered, and vulnerable species. Intag is also home to the Neblina Reserve, established and protected by Rainforest Concern and our incredible team of local forest wardens.

Dozens of threatened species live in the Llurimagua mining concession. Some species, including the longnose harlequin frog, are not found anywhere else on the planet. The longnose harlequin frog was thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in 2016, thanks to funding from Rainforest Concern. Now, thanks to this ruling, the longnose harlequin frog and many other threatened species have a chance at recovery and survival.

While this fight is likely not yet over, it’s another step in the right direction, a wonderful win for nature and a reminder that these wins are possible. We thank those who have dedicated so much to this cause, and we will continue to support the local communities and organisations in Intag to secure the future of these irreplaceable forests.

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The Critically Endangered longnose harlequin frog, rediscovered in 2016
Landscape Forest
The cloud forests of Intag Valley