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Event: Celebrating International Day of Forests - Holburne Museum, Bath - Thursday 21st March

Join us to celebrate UN International Day of Forests and 30 years of dedicated conservation work by the UK charity Rainforest Concern on Thursday 21st March 2024.

Rainforest Concern and the Royal Geographical Society will be hosting an evening at Bath’s prestigious Holburne Museum, featuring a talk by environmental scientist and conservationist Oliver Q. Whaley - Honorary Research Associate at Royal Botanical Gardens Kew & RBG Edinburgh, Director of Huarango Nature, and Trustee of Rainforest Concern, who has worked much of his life in Peru and Latin America.

The Evening

Oliver will discuss the state of the world’s rainforests today and the urgent need for research, awareness and funding priorities. He will talk about the latest scientific developments in satellite monitoring of forests and biodiversity, and fascinating new research into how trees communicate and interact with clouds, bees and animals for survival.

We will hear about Rainforest Concern’s dedicated work over the last 30 years to preserve some of the world’s most diverse natural habitats and the people and biodiversity that depend on them. We will learn why it is vital to protect the architects of the forest - Andean bears, pumas and ants, which play a key role in maintaining the balance of nature and the forests – Earth's life support system.

Oliver will introduce us to some of the latest wildlife and habitat conservation projects in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and India, and show how we can all help to support the preservation of rainforests, which make up just 6% of the Earth’s surface, yet are home to over 50% of the world’s plant and animal species.


Donation of £5 to include a complimentary welcome drink.


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The Holburne Museum, Bath