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Environmental education in Colombia

Last year, Rainforest Concern funded an environmental education project by the Colombian organisation Fundación TierrAmar.

Despite being considered the second most biodiverse country in the world, Colombia’s ecosystems are facing many threats, including mining, deforestation, illegal hunting, socioeconomic instability and lack of environmental education and knowledge of sustainable management of the country’s natural resources. Fundación TierrAmar aimed to address the lack of environmental education within remote public schools close to fragile and vital ecosystems in Colombia.

Taking place across two phases, Fundación TierrAmar worked closely with six schools which bordered fauna and flora sanctuaries and the Nevados National Natural Park. The project was delivered through a combination of lectures, activities and the creation of medicinal plant gardens and seedbeds to create awareness among the youth and teachers at each school about the function, importance, and threats of different vital and fragile ecosystems.

Rainforest Concern are pleased to have supported this important project to influence our youth and ensure greater environmental care and protection of vital ecosystems in the future.

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