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Emergency Appeal

Emergency Appeal to reduce the risk of coronavirus to the indigenous people of the Colombian and Brazilian Amazon.

As we are starting to come out of lockdown here, many others are just starting to confront the coronavirus crisis, now spreading rapidly through South America, in particular the Amazon, where poor public policies and inadequate health care systems mean that the indigenous people are amongst the worst affected in Latin America.

If we don’t take action immediately, we could risk many vulnerable indigenous people losing their lives in the Amazon, as well as the disappearance of the incredible cultural heritage and knowledge that they have passed down generation to generation through their elders.

In response to this impending catastrophe, Rainforest Concern is launching an appeal to support our long-term partners working on the frontline in the Colombian and Brazilian Amazon. For more information on how we plan to do that and to donate to our appeal, please click here.

Please let's keep the incredible community spirit we have developed during this pandemic alive, to unite with other vulnerable groups across the globe and keep them safe.