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A Huge Win for the Rights of Nature

On the 24th September, a judge ruled to immediately stop the Llurimagua copper mining project in Intag as the Ministry of Environment hadn’t ensured the protection of endemic species living in one of the most incredibly bio diverse places on the planet.
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Two species of frogs, only found in these extraordinary cloudforests would most certainly become extinct if the mining went ahead and destroyed their habitat. This victory has far-reaching consequences, as it means that endemic species can now be used to uphold the rights of nature, part of Ecuador’s constitution, whether inside or outside protected areas across Ecuador.

Peter Bennett, Executive Director of Rainforest Concern, said he was “absolutely delighted to know that all the determination and patience of our partners DECOIN, has been worthwhile. This will set a big legal precedent for the importance of endemic species. Thank the gods for those wonderful frogs!” Rainforest Concern has supported DECOIN and the communities in their struggle to stop extractive mining in the Intag area for many years.

Read more: https://www.decoin.org/